Kate Mara in Hot New Photoshoot with James Marsden

Kate Mara and James Marsden Photoshoot

Kate Mara has appeared in a super steamy photo shoot with actor James Marsden for Yahoo fashion. Mara, 31, looks incredibly sexy in dripping wet clothes while in the arms of Marsden. Some of the shots feature the couple in a shower together (hence the wet clothes).

Fashion photographer Alisha Goldstein took the photographs, some of which feature Mara in lacy lingerie.

Check out the rest of the photos below.

Kate Mara Spotted at LAX

Kate Mara at LAX

Kate Mara was recently spotted at LAX on her way to ome unknown destination.  Mara had one of her much loved Boston Terriers in a carry bag with her.

Kate was dressed very casually in dark sweat pants, a gray shirt and a leather jacket as she made her way through the crowded airport.

Despite rumors that Mara has been seeing Shia LaBeouf recently, she was flying with an unnamed male friend.

Only Kate Mara Makes Lumberjack Look Good!

Kate Mara in New York

Kate Mara in New York

Many people are still fixated about Kate Mara’s love-life, given her recent breakup with long time boyfriend Max Minghella.  Kate on the other hand, is just enjoying single life and hanging out with her buddy Johnny Wujek.

This picture was taken last month and shows Johnny and Kate just hanging out in New York.  Kate looks fantastic as always, pulling the look off despite a lumberjack style top and beanie!

Kate Mara Gets Groped!

Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara

Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara

Actress Amber Tamblyn, well known from appearances in the TV series “House”, has posted a funny photo featuring Kate Mara.  Tamblyn, who has a pale complexion and auburn hair similar to Kate (photo below), took a photo cuddling Kate from behind.  She suggested it was her “Chick from House of Cards” halloween outfit!

Her instagram photo description:

You guys! For Halloween, I’m that chick from House of Cards and I’m grabbing my own breast! #katemara #loveofmylife

Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn


Kate Mara in Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Mara - Harpers Bazaar

Kate Mara – Harpers Bazaar

Kate Mara has appeared on the cover  of the latest Harpers Bazaar Arabia, November issue.  Mara has taken an interest in fashion for many years now and has some incredible outfits in the fashion shoot.

Kate was shot by renowned fashion photographer John Russo.  Beautiful!


Kate Mara at the Wang x H&M Collection Show

Kate Mara Revealing Dress

Kate Mara Revealing Dress

In a crowded room of beautiful and elegantly dressed people, Kate Mara still manages to stand out! Kate was recently spotted at the Wang x H&M Collection launch in New York City.

Mara was wearing a very sexy dress which is a part of the new collection. The outfit showed off plenty of skin, but still remained elegant. A nice combination for the 31-year-old actress.

The new range of dresses feature translucent patches to highlight a person skin. Resulting in a sexy ensemble that would look great at the club. Absolutely stunning!

Kate Mara at New York Fashion Week

Kate Mara New York Fashion Week

Kate Mara New York Fashion Week

Kate Mara has certainly been rocking some stylish ensembles lately.  Kate enjoyed herself at the recent New York fashion week and tried out a number of different looks.  On the vogue red carpet she managed to turn a dark buttoned dress sexy.

Lately, where ever Kate has been appearing, she has been accompanied by stylist Johnny Wujek and her time in New York was no exception.  Despite them spending a lot of time together, both say they are “just friends”.

Excitement Builds For The Fantastic Four Reboot

Kate Mara Fantastic Four

Kate Mara Fantastic Four

A number of bloggers are starting to talk about the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, which is coming to our screens in 2015.  Fox now owns the rights to the franchise and fans are hoping it can flourish under their control.

Given that Fox did the recent X-Men reboot, which was critically acclaimed, fans are looking forward to this reboot.  In recent years Hollywood seems to be “getting it right” in terms of franchise reboots.  The wildly successful Batman, X-Men and Star Trek reboots have not only consisted of very good films, they made bucket loads of money.

The lovely Kate Mara stars as Sue Storm (the invisible woman) in the reboot. The film also stars Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, Toby Kebbell as Victor Von Doom and Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm.

Kate Mara enjoying single life

Kate Mara Post Breakup

Kate Mara Post Breakup

Post-breakup Kate Mara was spotted over the weekend, walking around New York by herself.  Having called it off with boyfriend Max Minghella once again, Mara might be showing the goods off to the single men in New York!

Kate looked beautiful in a short green floral dress that highlighted her shapely legs.  It’s unknown how many passersby recognized Mara because of the dark sunglasses she had on.

Kate began dating Max Minghella in 2009 after her sister Rooney Mara, introduced them on the set of a movie.  It had been somewhat of a rocky relationship with a number of breakups and reunions previously.

Kate Mara splits up with Max Minghella

Kate Mare Splits From Boyfriend

Kate Mare Splits From Boyfriend

Kate Mara appears to have finally called it quits with Max Minghella.  The pair have been seeing each other on and off-again for a number of years now.  This time it looks to be final with insiders suggesting that the relationship is now completely over.

Kate has been in the news for other reasons lately with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series.  Mara and Minghella met in 2009 when Rooney Mara introduced the pair on a film set.

Some tongues were sent wagging with Kate being spotted holding hands with friend and fashion stylist Johnny Wujek.  The pair were spotted in Italy, but according to insiders, the pair are just friends.