‘Shooter’ premieres in U.S.

The new movie starring Mark Wahlberg premieres in Los Angeles. The film also stars Danny Glover and Kate Mara. Mark Wahlberg welcomed the chance to train as a master sniper, and spent countless hours training to be perfectly fit for filming. Veteran action director Antoine Fuqua, whose previous films include ‘Training Day’ and ‘Tears of the Sun’, insisted that Wahlberg played the role of Bob Lee Swagger because he had everything right for the part. “Shooter” is based on the novel “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter, and is one of three books dedicated to the character of Swagger. Hunter is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic for the Washington Post, and was apprehensive about meeting the stars and filmmakers of “Shooter” that he may have panned in the past. But Hunter’s biggest fear that the film could misrepresent the use of guns was quickly dispelled when he saw “Shooter” for the first time. “Shooter” opens in US theatres on March 23rd.

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