Kournikova Assaulter, Was It Kate Mara?


Last weekend, Vegas saw the action that Anna Kournikova isn’t very well known to be in. At a nightclub, Kournikova encountered a girl throwing a drink in her face.

Anna Kournikova fought back by screaming at the woman and shoving her back. Kournikova left with scratches on her neck. This story, sadly with no videos or photo captures, is a big debate. Talks about the girl who attacked Kournikova is says that it’s either a star on “Friday Night Lights” or Kate Mara.

Could Kate Mara be the assaulter? What could be the root of the little cat fight?

Kate Mara Transsiberian review

Roger Ebert at the Sunday Times has reviewed the new movie Transsiberian, in which Kate Mara stars. The movie also stars Emily Mortimer as ‘Jesse’ and Woody Harrelson as her husband ‘Roy’.

Kate plays ‘Abby’, a 20 year old runaway from Chicago. Ebert gives the film a thumbs up.

Although the movie has several action sequences, not one is put in for effect. They all grow from the plot, and drive it — even, I would argue, the concluding train sequence, which is certainly improbable but makes a certain sense. Like all the best suspense movies, “Transsiberian” starts in neutral, taking the time to introduce its characters, and then goes from second into high like greased lightning. I was a little surprised to notice how thoroughly it wound me up. This is a good one.