Kate Mara in Stone of Destiny

Kate Mara in Toronto

Kate Mara in Toronto

Kate Mara has starred in a new movie, currently showing at the Torronto film festival. “Stone of Destiny” had it’s screenplay based on a book written by the plot’s real-life mastermind and the central character in the film, Ian Hamilton).

The plot revolves around a group of scotts who banded together in 1950 to repatriate what they considered stolen national property: the Scottish Coronation stone, that had been taken to England and fitted into the base of the English Coronation Chair. Its presence gave English monarchs dominion over Scotland. Inspired by the speeches of Scottish nationalist John MacCormick (Robert Carlyle), Hamilton and his friends planned a detailed mission to bring the stone home.

The movie also stars Billy Boyd and Ciaron Kelly, as well as Brenda Fricker. More details soon!

Kate Mara Transsiberian review

Roger Ebert at the Sunday Times has reviewed the new movie Transsiberian, in which Kate Mara stars. The movie also stars Emily Mortimer as ‘Jesse’ and Woody Harrelson as her husband ‘Roy’.

Kate plays ‘Abby’, a 20 year old runaway from Chicago. Ebert gives the film a thumbs up.

Although the movie has several action sequences, not one is put in for effect. They all grow from the plot, and drive it — even, I would argue, the concluding train sequence, which is certainly improbable but makes a certain sense. Like all the best suspense movies, “Transsiberian” starts in neutral, taking the time to introduce its characters, and then goes from second into high like greased lightning. I was a little surprised to notice how thoroughly it wound me up. This is a good one.

Kate Mara Interview – Transsiberian

Kate Mara recently was interviewed by the deadbolt.com in which they discuss her role in the new thriller Transsiberian.  The movie has a great cast including Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer, Eduardo Noriega and Ben Kingsley.

The movie details an American couple traveling from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian train line through the middle of Russia. The Americans encounter some English speaking fellow travellers in the middle of Russia (unusual for a train in the middle of Siberia!), and a thriller unfolds.